The ultimate Photoshop crash course that gets you THE polished look so you can attract high-paying clients

Compositing Secrets is a complete crash course for the photographer who wants to master shooting, lighting, compositing, and coloring. Right now only, get the full course for just $47 (Normally $297). That's 80% off! Offer expires soon.

- Limor garfinkle -

"Josh Rossi’s FTP school has taught me so much so fast! My editing techniques improved tremendously and Josh’s teaching method was so easy to follow. I edited my entire Comedians photo series (with Jim Gaffigan) based on methods I have learned from FTP."


- Logan Bennett -

"I should have done something like this year's ago, but I used to be very self conscious of my work. I ended up doing some work for a local magazine, and after my second shoot with them, I made the cover photo!"


 - Laurence Logan -

"Josh, I have to thank you man. Thanks to some of the techniques I learned in FTP School, I may have snagged a major automotive client as well as several fashion designer clients in one shoot!"


Here's What You Get...

Lighting 101
Discover how to creatively light any scene

1. Introduction to Lighting
2. How to Light for a Composite
3. My Go-To Light Modifiers
4. How to Recreate Realistic Shadows
5. Best Lights To Use For Composite Images
6. How To Use Colored Gels
7. Advanced Lighting Scenarios
Master Coloring
Discover how to creatively color your images

1. Coloring Basics
2. Creating Surreal Backgrounds
3. How To Create Unique Coloring Actions
4. Best Way To Mask For A Composite
5. Turn A Daytime Image Into A Nighttime Image
6. How To Create Advanced Composites
Pro Retouching
Discover how to retouch skin, backgrounds, and more.

1. Retouching Basics
2. How To Create A Painted Look
3. How To Add Advanced Realistic Shadows
4. Budget For LG Photoshoot
5. Advanced 7 Light Setups
6. Advanced Masking
7. Advanced Coloring
You'll also get:
16 of my edited backgrounds for compositing ($350 value)...
Compositing is the future of photography. You're losing clients if you're not doing it... 
The same thing happened 20 years ago when film photography went out of style and digital photography stole away all of the work. Don't be left behind...

- Chris Swanger -

I had been doing this on my own for years with less than desired results, but after applying Josh's techniques and business strategies for no more than a few months, I have gotten higher bids accepted, bigger clients with bigger budgets. I was even selected to be in an LA based magazine as one of the most creative talents in the LA area. I'm proof this stuff is gold and works. Probably the single best thing I have ever done for myself and my work was taking these courses."

- Ruben Lopez -

"So, I’ve been crazy about photography for a few years now, and, well, I’ve spent quite a few bucks buying photography courses and tutorials… And yes, they’ve all helped me a lot. From Scott Kelby to Matt Kloskowski, and many many more. Now, don’t get me wrong I AM NOT knocking theses guys out by no means, they’re awesome! BUT Josh Rossi’s FTP course just took my whole photography and photo editing to a whole different level. OVER THE TOP!"

 - Marcela Pena -

"I started photography 22 years ago and Josh Rossi has changed the caliber of photographer I want to become. Through his inspiring work, which makes him among the most sought after digital artists in the world, and his passion to educate other photographers."

 - Patrick Mathys -

"I've tried a lot of online courses and classes before, but none of them propelled me forward both personally and professionally - like FTP School did! It encompasses everything I want to learn in terms of the art."

- Limor Garfinkle -

"Josh Rossi’s FTP school has taught me so much so fast! My editing techniques improved tremendously and Josh’s teaching method was so easy to follow. I edited my entire Comedians photo series (with Jim Gaffigan) based on methods I have learned from FTP."

- Jacob Williamson -

"Josh Rossi and Full Time Photographer are the gift that keeps on giving. I find myself using techniques and tools from the FTP school in almost every project I work on. This has not only made me a much better digital artist but I can also say it has made me much more successful."

- Joanny Avalos'D -

"FTP School rocks not only because of the awesome tutorials, they are awesome for their dedication and service is just wonderful. Your teachings have changed me, have change how I see things, I have been learning a lot, also things that I didn't know that they exist. I’m just very thankful to all the team of FTP School."

- Alperen Koza -

"Being a member of FTP School is one of my best investments. I am really happy to be here. Appreciate Josh to give this opportunity to all of us. If one day I can achieve my goals and make my dream real, I will certainly remember these days with a great joy and still be a member of the school."

 - Mike Younger -

"I've been zooming around on the Fulltime Photographer school site and I can't believe how vast and focussed the school is! You have put together a very serious and complete training resource. I can't wait to soak it all in!"

- Mel Volkman -

"Hi Josh, I hope all is well. I really need to thank you for the opportunity of FTP School. I can't even believe how much I have learned from you -- It's crazy! I literally pulled all nighters and binge watched everything last week."

About me...

I started off in 2009 working as a flood cleanup guy making $1200/month. After getting too many calls at 3 am to clean up sewage I decided to make the jump to work for myself. It took me a while to learn photography but after 2 years I was getting work from clients like Adobe and Acura. After a few more years I was blessed to work with clients like...

DC Comics, LG, Warner Bros, Paramount, Sega, Logan Paul, Adobe, Acura, Amazon Prime, Nickelodeon, Champion USA, Xerox, Wacom, Mt Dew, CNN, Fabolous, Laura Pausini, Daymond John, Bieber's, Glenn Beck, Ray Fisher, Lindsey Stirling, SurfAir Airlines, Twin-lab, The Color Run and Make A Wish Foundation.

My work has been featured in People Magazine, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and has received over 450 million viral views. I was named one of the best 100 digital artists worldwide by Lurzer's Archive.

My Clients Include

Here's Some Of My Recent Work...

Here are some students' results...

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Some Frequently Asked Questions...

How will I get access to the content?
As soon as you sign up you’ll get an email with step by step instructions. You can access the course videos any time  and on any device (with an internet connection).
Can’t I find this information on YouTube?
I've spent hundreds of hours watching YouTube videos when I first started out but I still wish that I had something like this so that I could bypass all that time I wasted trying to find the answers to my questions. After years in the industry I've seen what sells and what doesn't and that is what you will see inside my course. Plus, it's only $47 so it's a no brainer!
What if I buy the course, but then I realize it’s not a good fit for me?
Our satisfaction rate is extremely high with this course, BUT in the event it doesn’t work out for you, we do offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If for some reason you’re not happy with your purchase, just email us with your purchase receipt and we’ll give you a full refund.
Will this work for beginners?
Of course! The course starts with the very basics of lighting, photography, and editing, then moves on to more advanced techniques. There’s something here for everyone!
What kind of camera do I have to use?
I’ve designed this course to be full of practical information that will work with any camera. For best results, I recommend using a camera that has manual exposure controls.

Still Not Convinced?

Compositing Secrets is normally priced at $297, but I'm not going to charge you that much today. If you invest in this package RIGHT NOW, you'll get the full Compositing Secrets Course for just $47. (Yes, really.) PLUS, I'm going to take on all the risk, and give you my...

"If You Don't Love It, You Don't Buy It" Guarantee

If you don't love the course for any reason, just let me know within 30 days and I'll give you a full refund.
I'm confident the course will help you create the images you've always wanted and build a business you love, doing what you love.
But you have to act now. This offer ends soon.
So scroll down below to claim your discount and get started with Compositing Secrets.

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